With the inception and emergence of a user-centred system, every technology has started improving people’s lives. AR (Augmented Reality) has incredibly brought a rapid revolution in gaming, hospitality, travelling and others.

AR is making things possible that were considered impossible previously. We have seen rapid growth in the gaming industry. Particularly, after the invention of Google’s Android gaming industry has achieved a bullet speed in growth and usage. Millions of people across the world are enjoying lots of games with their smartphones.

Developers and technology providers are continuously working to improve user experience. Incredibly, AR is transforming gaming technology and…

“Mobile app developers are always in need of the latest technology, frameworks and libraries to keep pace with the trends. Flutter app development is one of those technologies and highly anticipated also.”


Google introduced the Flutter language for software development in 2018. But in a concise span, it has gained immense popularity among developers because of its potential to create feature-rich apps. Among other frameworks like React Native, Xamarin, and Angular JS, Flutter is flourishing very fast. And we will discuss everything about this technology, which makes it one of the most anticipated ones.

The course of the content will…

“To get the best possible results from mobile applications for your business, you must reach out to as many users as possible. And to do this, you will need to build an app for multiple OS, especially Android and iOS. The React Native app development is the perfect recipe for your development solutions.”

The list of Most Popular Cross-Platform App Development Technologies

The above chart clearly shows that the React Native app development is the most used framework by developers worldwide. And we will discuss everything about this technology that makes it the most utilized one.

Well, cross-platform app development…


Building cross-platform mobile apps are increasingly becoming popular these days thanks to the huge benefits of saving cost and development time while maintaining optimum native performance by using sophisticated frameworks with native capabilities such as React Native. React Native initiated the revolution around cross-platform development with the native layer of development and brought native performance within reach of so-called cross-platform apps targeting multiple platforms with the same app project.

No wonder app developers worldwide prefer this framework for most app projects. More than two-fifths of app developers prefer using React Native for building cross-platform apps. …

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While for many business organizations staying competitive mainly required a consistent focus on utilizing innovation and the power of digital transformation, the focus suddenly has shifted towards user experience and security. These days it is more important for enterprises to utilize the latest technologies for delivering standout user experience and maintaining optimum data security. Innovations in design and features now have to cater to these dual objectives.

Particularly, for data security, the latest tech innovations seem to play the most decisive role. The emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) brought a big impact on app security measures…

Having a digital footprint has become synonymous with staying in competition for any business now. While this digital footprint largely depended upon having a web and social media presence earlier, in recent years, having branded mobile apps is considered to be the best way to push brand presence on digital platforms. This is why an increasing number of businesses, including the smaller and local brands are embracing mobile apps to reach out to their customers and target audience.

Keeping sync with the popularity of mobile apps, we have also seen the emergence of new mobile app development frameworks and technologies…

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React Native is one of the leading cross-platform app development frameworks that have been used for various applications across the spectrum for some years. React Native is not just a framework to develop apps that work on both iOS and Android. Still, it is also a technology that ensures delivering highly native or platform-specific user experience. React Native after being developed and launched by Facebook back in 2011, it continued to become popular, and over the years, it has been used for mobile apps across all niches and categories.

In recent years, React Native has also become a popular framework…

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Augmented Reality (AR) apps are increasingly getting popular across industry niches for the sheer usefulness they display in terms of user engagement. This is why leading mobile platforms like Apple and Google are continuing to deliver new and improved AR toolkits for developers. Google offered ARCore for Android developers, while the iOS platform also offered ARKit 1.5 loaded with enhanced AR-based features for building immersive AR applications. While both toolkits are seemingly complete and richly featured for their respective platforms, they are platform-specific and don’t allow cross-platform rendering.

But what about building a cross-platform AR app using a popular framework…


The user experience (UX) or in the context of business apps customer experience (CX) is the key determinant of the quality of a mobile app. While developers utilize many methods and means to improve the app user experience, some innovative technologies like Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are now offering unique ways to engage users and boost user satisfaction. Particularly, augmented reality is proving to be highly effective for enhancing the user experience of apps.

Here through the length of this post, we are going to explain the role of AR in improving the app user experience.

The number of apps in the Google Play Store is 2.87 Million and 2.2 Million apps in the Apple app store. This shows the demand for apps in the market.

Does it make you think do I need one for my business as well?

If yes, the thought came very late. Already plenty of businesses have already developed an app to take their business to the next level. The first step towards converting your business into a brand is hiring a mobile app development company in USA, choosing a platform, and developing an app. …

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Juned Ahmed is an IT consultant by profession and is working with IndianAppDevelopers, a leading Android app development company.

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