The Essential Guide on React Native App Development - 2021

“To get the best possible results from mobile applications for your business, you must reach out to as many users as possible. And to do this, you will need to build an app for multiple OS, especially Android and iOS. The React Native app development is the perfect recipe for your development solutions.”

The list of Most Popular Cross-Platform App Development Technologies

The above chart clearly shows that the React Native app development is the most used framework by developers worldwide. And we will discuss everything about this technology that makes it the most utilized one.

Well, cross-platform app development is trending now because it allows businesses to build an app for multiple platforms and millions of users with minimal cost and effort. India is a proud destination of skilled and experienced software developers, and you can hire React Native app developers in India to get the best technology services.

What is the React Native App Development?

A software development framework or ecosystem is a tool and library package to build apps using particular programming languages for different platforms.

React Native is an open-source framework for mobile app development, powered by Facebook. It is extremely popular technology, and apps created by it can run on both Android and iOS platforms. It uses the top-notch Javascript library to develop UIs.

How does it work?

React Native uses JS (Javascript) to develop native apps by creating a bridge between the app and platform.

When JavaScript is running with native code, the technology interprets the code, and the native bridge communicates with native components like web view, text, image, scroll view, etc.

It is different from React. React is a framework to build apps using Javascript.

React Native is a complete framework to develop cross-platform native apps.

And the Javascript library is used to develop high-end UIs.

Features and Benefits-

  • Ideal for UI development — It has the best approach to UI development. Whenever there is a change in data, React will update and render it, making the process painless for you. You can build complex UIs with the best performance.
  • Native UX — The React Native has in-built native APIs, creating a bridge with native platforms and delivering a native user experience. The UX is very high in performance, quick to load and impressive.
  • Cross-platform app — Yes, it allows developers to build a single app for both platforms (Android, iOS).
  • Code reusability — Developers can reuse code to build and deploy native apps and web applications. For that, you can use the extensions that detect the native OS system.
  • Hot-Live Reloading — Hot reload is to reload a particular change made with the app. Live reload is to reload the entire app right after it has been changed. The React Native does both and helps developers to track real-time changes.
  • Moveability and Flexibility — If you want to move your development process to another framework from here, you can easily do it. So, it gives flexibility to developers to update, upgrade and take it from there. This is a great feature.
  • Supplementing an existing app- If you have an app already, but want to upgrade it with a little added cost, apply React Native UI to it, and it’s done. Make your existing app amplified without re-writing it.
  • Time and cost-effectiveness — Most of the code is cross-platform, so two apps are created with that single code. That saves time and money. Even updating and maintaining is done simultaneously for both the apps.
  • Great and faster performance — This framework uses GPU (graphics processing unit) to deliver fast performance. And the native performance is simply superb.
  • Community support — Being an open-source platform, it’s free and accessible to everyone in the community. That will benefit developers in terms of technological support, as you will have constant access to experts in the community. Again, it’s an excellent feature for React Native app development process.
  • Third-party plug-in — Unlike the Flutter, you can add a third-party plug-in like Google Maps with this technology.

React Native allows two types of third-party plug-ins; Native and Javascript. With this support, you can add any plug-ins to your app.

How does it stand out from others?

  • Unlike another cross-platform framework, this one renders the web views and components in native platforms.
  • It uses Javascript, which is used by 9.7 million developers worldwide.
  • Easily transferable to other frameworks.

Real-world examples

As mentioned above, the React Native platform is the most used technology, so that you will find some fantastic real-world examples of apps developed with it.

FaceBook — Well, FaceBook owns it, so that they built their app.

Facebook wanted to create its entire experience for mobile devices, so it introduced this technology to build the app.

Skype — Another famous and excellent example of the React Native app.

Skype was already there before 2017 when it declared that it was to build a new app with the React Native. And the new app is very famous now with many improved features and performances.

Instagram, Walmart, Bloomberg, Soundcloud first and many more are famous examples of the React Native apps.

The evolution of this technology is amazing. Initially, it was introduced to build the app for FaceBook. But with the successful implementation, they announced its availability for other developers within few years. And rest is history now. React Native app development is the most used framework worldwide, providing the best technology products, values and business development solutions to people worldwide.

Let’s sum it up

The case studies above prove the React Native framework’s true significance for the app development and business development process. And you could be another beneficiary just like others because it will give you quick, cost-effective and highly effective business development solutions. In the current scenario, it is the most futuristic app development platform. It can transcend your business beyond the limits.

Juned Ahmed is an IT consultant by profession and is working with IndianAppDevelopers, a leading Android app development company.